Richard Carrick: The Flow Cycle for Strings


New World Records

#80719, released August 2011

     “quietly virtuosic and addictive”

The Wire UK

“a rich, beguiling composition”

The New York Times

    “Constructed as free fantasies, where moment-to-moment activity takes precedence over organizational unity, they articulate small details with energetic gestures - jolting, swooping, lilting rhythms; irregular phrase lengths and unexpected accents; string harmonics, bristling pizzicati, exaggerated bowing, and other tonal/textural effects.

But there is also an ever-present clarity of line and dramatic continuity that help the music sound subtly familiar and vigorously new at the same time." 

Fanfare Magazine

01 “in flow”

Violin, 7’, Andrea Schultz

02 Shadow Flow

Viola, 12’, Dov Scheindlin

03 Moroccan Flow (unfolding from unity)

Cello, 9’, Alex Waterman

04 Duo Flow

Violin and Cello, 12’, Kuan Cheng Lu and Eric Bartlett

05 “à cause du soleil” Flow Trio

String Trio, 11’, Kuan Cheng Lu, Dov Scheindlin, Eric Bartlett

Download Linear notes by George Lewis

Link to New York Times article: The Music of Flow

About the Flow Cycle for Strings

“I am not an expert on contemporary music, but listening to the Flow Cycle has been unadulterated pleasure — and yes, a real flow experience. Rarely have I heard ease of invention been so well matched by technical virtuosity.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Management

Richard Carrick's hour-long Flow Cycle for Strings, premiered in 2010 by Either/Or and released on New World Records in August 2011 (with linear notes by George Lewis), consists of five pieces which have individually received significant attention including programming on the New York Philharmonic Ensemble Series, Darmstadt Internationalen Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Awarded the 18th Annual Serbian Composition Prize in Belgrade, and have been presented by numerous soloists and trios for performance throughout the US and Europe (Italy, Austria, Serbia, Germany, The Netherlands).

Carrick's Flow Cycle has been described as “intriguing, enigmatic and eloquent,” (Bruce Hodges, Music Web UK), and is influenced by Islamic Mosaics, Gnawa music of Morocco, Albert Camus' L'Étranger, and the Flow concept of Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi.  Carrick's unique approach to “flow” focuses on two areas of music, the techniques of composing (achieving a musical flow of musical ideas over time) and the realm of musical perception (how musical sounds are perceived and interpreted by listeners that are in flow). With a stellar lineup of interpreters, these notated tapestries of sound are a tour-de-force for virtuosic string playing and sonic invention.

About Either/Or

"Either/Or, a new and first-rate new-music ensemble"

Bernard Holland, The New York Times

"Ensemble that plays by its own rules "

Allan Kozinn, The New York Times

Either/Or is a cutting-edge contemporary music ensemble based in New York City. Founded in 2004 by pianist/composer Richard Carrick and percussionist David Shively, Either/Or presents compelling new and recent works for unconventional ensemble formations rarely heard elsewhere. The group draws upon its roster, featuring some of New York's leading interpreters, in programming intense chamber music alongside larger ensemble works. E/O has performed to critical acclaim at Miller Theatre, Merkin Concert Hall, The Kitchen, MATA Festival, the Austrian Cultural Forum, and ICA:Boston, in addition to frequent appearances at experimental music venues such as The Stone, Roulette, and Issue Project Room.

Programs have included numerous world, U.S., and New York premieres; these range from major works of American experimental music to rarely heard classics from the dynamic margins of the European avant-garde. In addition to ongoing collaborations with emerging artists, Either/Or has brought distinguished composers such as Helmut Lachenmann (2008), Paolo Aralla (2009), Chaya Czernowin (2010, 2011), and Karin Rehnqvist (2012) to New York for portrait concerts and lectures through E/O's Composer's Atelier series.

About Richard Carrick

"Charming, with exoticism and sheer infectiousness”

Allan Kozinn, The New York Times

Richard Carrick's music has been performed throughout the Americas, Europe, and Japan by the New York Philharmonic Ensemble Series, Vienna’s Konzerthaus, ISCM World Music Days, Darmstadt Summer Festival, the Nieuw Ensemble, and others.    As a critically acclaimed performer (pianist, conductor, guitarist) he has championed a large repertoire of solo and chamber pieces including works by Lachenmann, Czernowin, and Radulescu.  He has lectured on his music in South Korea, Japan, throughout Europe and the US, and is currently Visiting Professor of Composition at Columbia University and teaches at New York University.


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