Les Scènes Acoustiques is a four movement work for solo amplified acoustic guitar, written for and dedicated to Magnus Andersson in 2009/10.  Each 'movement' or extended idea, 'evolves 'a specific sound and gestural identity from beginning to end.  

The title refers to a fictitious dramatization, converting the different sounds of the guitar (plucked, hammer-on harmonics, noise dampening with thumb, etc) into characters in this dialogue, in essence, creating a theatrical scene where the acoustic sounds interact.  This is the second composition in a projected cycle of works including la scene miniature for piccolo and cello (2009).

Many thanks go to Magnus for his invaluable suggestions and collaboration in preparing the final version of this score.

Premiere : December 3 and 5, 2009 Stockholm, SWEDEN

Magnus Andersson, guitar

2010 tour in Sweden and the US

March 20, 21, 23, 25  SWEDEN

and more dates in April  US (Buffalo, San Diego, Seattle)

12' duration


Les Scènes Acoustiques

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