For Piccolo and Cello, 7 min.


Score from PSNY

Video of 2013 Performance

Interview of Richard Carrick about this work with Hotel Elefant

New York Arts Review 2013

World Premiere on May 10, 2009 by Carin Levine and Rohan de Saraam.

Broadcast on German Radio SWR2 on September 23, 2009.

US Premiere on September 23, 2013 by Hotel Elefant, Katie Cox and Carrie Bean.

Program Notes:
la scène miniature refers to the crucial scene in Albert Camus's l’étranger, where protagonist Meursault's impulsive action unleashes a series of unforeseen consequences. 

This tormented murder scene takes place on a beautifully calm Algerian beach: an intriguing narrative juxtaposition which I unravel with the unlikely duality of piccolo and 'cello.

More intriguing still is how Camus begins this scene; with a man on the rocks of the beach calmly playing the same three notes on a flute over and over.   How can music capture the external beauty of this scene, (the wind, sea, birds, and unforgettable sun), alongside the internal conflict both Meursault and his opponent are experiencing (or in Meursault’s case, not experiencing)?    I have captured this split characterization by setting each instrument to radically different music.

The piccolo’s lyricism and joviality (beginning with the three repeated notes) are contrasted with the cello’s glacial soundscapes in very high register (representing immovable nature) and, eventually, descending into the lowest range of the instrument to depict the internal struggle of the human spirit. 

This piece is written for and affectionately dedicated to Carin Levine and Rohan de Saram who premiered it on May 10, 2009 in Edenkoben, as part of the Baden-Baden Ars Nova Festival.  Written in New York City in 2009. 

La Scène Miniature (duo version)

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